Any Nylabone brand toys.  Braided bully stick & hooves are great. Along with tracheas for dogs.  They are easy for puppies to digest. 

 *Our favorite bully stick brand is "CHASING OUR TAILS" USA-Odorless Standard 6'' Bully Sticks Dog Treats, 6 pack  sold at or from*                                                                           


Please don't feed Rawhides or Pig Ears for at least 12 month,  if ever!

They:  both can cause gas and diarrhea
Rawhides are chemically bleached and there is often some residual chemicals remaining
Rawhides are highly indigestible -- they can cause stomach upset and stomach and intestinal blockages that necessitate surgical removal, especially with dogs who tend to rip off chunks rather than chew slowly
Rawhides have the potential to be ripped off in large pieces, which pose a greater choking hazard than most other chew items
Pig ears pose the same hazards, with the exception of the chemical bleaching 

Harness work great for  teaching pups to walk on a leash.


small 12"-18"

​Puppies will go with individual bags filled with the following:

A puppy binder which includes parents health/genetic testing /immunization record /puppy collar/blanket with mom & littermates scent on it/a clicker to continue clicker training at home/a snuggle puppy (behavioral toy) for crates/nylabone chew toy.

Along only with a puppy schedule & lots of helpful information

Your puppy will go home wearing a  puppy collar.

We recommend stopping  by your local pet store & having an ID tag made.

This will hook onto his/her collar. 

We do NOT recommend using a retractable lease for the puppies  first year of life, as shown in the picture.

Instead pick up a small-medium size lease for these first few months of teaching your puppy  how to walk on a lease.  


An absolute must is a slicker brush! Our favorite is by Chris Christensen T-Brush 16 mm


The Eyes Have It! - Please make sure to keep the hair around your pups eyes trimmed.

​Nail clippers-this is something you can do @home.  Along with keeping the hair on puppies paws trimmed. 

​36 inch Divided Crates with a slide out bottom tray, easy to clean. This is a safe place for your puppy to be placed when he/she are left home alone.  We recommend buying a crate that comes with dividers. And a cover, leaving the front door uncovered so puppy can see out.

For the first few months the smaller the crate area the better. If your crate is to BIG he/she will more than likely use one end as a "potty spot" & the other end as a "sleep spot". size: 36-inch divider crate.

Potty Bell Training - We highly recommend bell training.

Hanging the bells next to whichever door your puppy will use.  Using the bells are repetitious EVERY TIME you take your puppy out take his/her paws & "ring the bells'" over & over again  REPEAT:  "potty outside". 

Puppy Shopping List:

​Pooper Scooper Spring loaded 


Minature Goldendoodles

​​​Listed below area few of our favorite dog treats...

​No-slip stainless steel food & water dog bowls.

DO NOT  use "raised" bowls for the first year,  puppies ID tags can get stuck. 

Dog interactive game puzzles. These are Entertaining and Brain-Engaging!