Minature Goldendoodles

We are located in the beautiful beach town of Ludington, MI.  Our goal is to produce healthy, happy puppies with exceptional temperaments. Each of our puppies will have completed the Puppy Culture Program before heading home.  

‚ÄčWe do this by adhering to high standards that include the following:

-Health & genetic clearance of both parents
-Early Neurological Stimulations
-Handling multiple times per day
-Noise desensitization
-Top quality food
-Deworming medications
-Litter box training starting at three weeks of age
-Introduction to various surfaces
-Indoor and outdoor playtime
-Weekly baths, ear cleaning, nail trims to prepare for visits to the groomer
-Individual puppy exams at six weeks of age
-Microchiped pups at seven weeks of age 
-A health guarantee valid for 2 years


Breeding: All puppies are sold as family pets ONLY!  NOT for BREEDING purposes! Spay/neuter is required by 7 months old. Failure to have this done will void the health warranty. Proof of spaying/neutering by 7 months of age must accompany any request for warranty reimbursement. If this puppy is bred, the purchaser agrees to pay the seller ten times the purchase price of this puppy for every litter produced.

Puppy selection:

Once the liter is born.  You will receive a BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT via email. Filled  puppy pictures/SAVE THE DATES information....

-Followed by puppy pictures/updates every other week. 

-Puppy selection will take place when puppies reach 5-6 weeks of age.   Each family will be  given a 1 hour time slot, set aside for your family only.     

-Puppies will go to their forever home around 8 weeks of age. This is typically done on a Friday @12:00.     

Going home pack:

1. Your puppy willhave his/her age appropriate vaccinations,  be dewormed, and vet checked. 

2. Every West shore doodle will go home with a puppy blanket that will have his/her mothers  scent on it. 

3. A personalized West shore doodle puppy collar 

(from: "My first Collar" by Woofus  line).  

4. You will receive a binder with your 2-year health warranty. A copy of your pups vaccination record.  And a puppy feeding schedule/puppy 101 will be included. 

5. Your puppy will be microchipped through Buddy ID Mini Chip. His or her microchip number will be provided.   

First year puppy updates:

Here at West shore doodles, once you have adopted one of our doodles you become family.  We require you send us puppy pictures & updates. Throughout your puppies first year of life ( 6 months old/1 year old). You will also be added to our private Facebook family group. This way families can stay connected, post pics, updates etc....