Miniature Goldendoodle



Breeding: All puppies are sold as family pets and does not convey with breeding rights. Spay/neuter is required by 7 months old. Failure to have this done will void the health warranty. Proof of spaying/neutering by 7 months of age must accompany any request for warranty reimbursement. If this puppy is bred, the purchaser agrees to pay the seller ten times the purchase price of this puppy for every litter produced.

Puppy selection:

Once the liter is born. Weekly videos & pictures will be posted.

Puppy selection will take place  when puppies are 6 weeks old.   

Puppies will go to their forever home at 8 weeks of age.    

What goes home with your new puppy: 

1. Your puppy willhave his/her age appropriate vaccinations,  be dewormed, and vet checked.  Along with his/hers first month of heart guard preventative medicine.

2. Every West shore doodle will go home with a personalized blanket that will have his/her mothers  scent on it. 

3. A personalized West shore doodle puppy collar 

(from: "My first Collar" by Woofus  line).  

4. You will receive a binder with  both Mother & Fathers health screening information.   Vet vaccination papers. And  a puppy feeding schedule/puppy 101 will be included.

5. Your puppy will be microchipped through Buddy ID Mini Chip. His or her micro-chip number will be provided.  

First year puppy updates:

Here at West shore doodles, once you have adopted one of our doodles you become family.  We require you send us puppy pictures & updates. Throughout your puppies first year of life ( 6 months old/1 year old). You will also be added to our private Facebook family group. This way families can stay connected, post pics, updates etc....

Crate:  I recommend crate training your new puppy.  This allows them to stay safe when you cannot be with them.  This also allows your home to be protected from chewing/accidents during the puppy stage. 

Grooming: Brush, brush, brush!!  In order to maintain your pets wavy  fleece fur, weekly brushing is required.  This should be done using a slicker brush.  When selecting a groomer show pictures of other doodles.  Voice your opinion  on how you want your doodle to look. 

Puppy toys:   We recommend any Nylabone dog toys. Nylabone " Just For Puppies Starter Kit Bone Puppy Dog Chew Toys" is a great start.  Puppies love "braided bully sticks".  They are safe & easy for your pup to digest.    Avoid rawhides or pig ears!!!!!!

Potty training: "Dog potty bells" are a great product to use while potty training. We recommend hanging the bells next to whichever door your puppy will use.  Using the bells are repetitous. EVERY TIME you take your puppy out take his/her paws & "ring the bells'" over & over again. REPEAT:  "potty outside".                                                             Puppies need boundaries!  For those first few months of potty training.  Section off an area of your home.  Dog crates/gates/playpens work great.   Make sure you use the same door every time you take your puppy out to go potty.  Pick an area in your yard  your puppy to go potty in.    Consistency is key!