"I want the calm puppy in the litter" BUT what if I told you that all puppies can be trained to be calm!

​If you are planning on purchasing a puppy from us, please sign up for this ONLINE puppy and dog training school called Baxter & Bella.

​Learn how to incorporate a dog into your home,and walk through the training process with a series of step by step videos. You'll learn how to teach manners and give your puppy a job to do, because nothing in life is free.

Online puppy training will allow you to access videos and lessons as many times as you need. For LIFE!

​Over 100 training videos and the ability to set-up live office hours for one on one coaching with the trainer.

​What is included with your lifetime membership:

Puppy Prep- Set up your house for optimal outcomes to get off on the right direction, including, but certainly not limited to; shopping lists, curriculum charts & checklists, as well as the very popular SURVIVAL GUIDE - what you need to know right now when everything is happening quickly and survival is key.

​Unit 1 Welcome Home -Build a bond and establish a routine. Learn how to begin teaching critical manners.

​Unit 2 Establish a Foundation- learn lesson by lesson how to teach foundational commands like; OFF, COME, DOWN, STAY.

​Unit 3 Obedience Boot camp- Introduces new commands and few fun tricks.

 Unit 4 Practise Makes Perfect - Recognize practice and patience are important. Strengthen what your dog has learned through fund games and tricks.

 Unit 5 Puppy Prepared- Learn how to overcome common dog adolescent challenges and polish off and finish your training with your lifelong, well behaved, companion.


Baxter & Bella is normally $238
and receive $59.50 off
= $178.50


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