Future Westshoredoodle Mama


Multigen Mini Goldendoodle


Daisy is loveable and extremely gentle. Such a little sweetheart.  she loves to give kisses! She has a soft wavy fleece cream coat and is a very mellow puppy. She loves to play with everyone! 

Sire: Oliver

Multigen Mini English

(aka: F2b) Goldendoodle

30 pounds 19 inches tall

Oliver is our friend from Cliberdoodle puppies in Goodrich, MI.   He is a lovable cuddler and a goof ball all in one!  

Doodle Parents 

Future Westshoredoodle Stud

​Sire: Ollie

Multigen Mini Goldendoodle


Ollie is a rich red color with a white patch on his chin.
He is a vey  smart & confident little guy! Ollie lives on the lake with a very active guardian family. 

Miss Roxy

F1b English Mini Goldendoodle

30 pounds 15 inches tall

Roxy is a calm and extremely caring dog. When she is excited, she goes looking for something to bring you, such as her ball or bone. She is a good nurturer. She is motherly, confident, and easygoing. If there is a lap to be found Miss Roxy will curl up in it. She is a little love bug with a gentle soul. She is black and her coat is a beautiful wavy fleece.


At West Shore Doodles, we are committed to creating the most wonderful companion dogs you will ever find who are happy, healthy, well adjusted, socialized with adults, and children.  You can be sure your future furry family member will have a sweet, gentle disposition. 

Each of our dogs must pass ALL health testing before becoming parents:

OFA hips, OFA elbows, OFA heart, annual CERF (eye) testing, PRA testing, DNA and vWD testing. 

We are happy to provide proof of all our parents health screening results.


Miniature Goldendoodle