Minature Goldendoodles

The Basics of the Guardian Program

On occasion we retain a puppy from a litter to keep as a future breeder.

 We placethese dogs in homes with a family for FREE. We retain breeding rights on these dogs and you get a quality family pet. 

In order for us to give our dogs the best possible home, it is important for us to limit how many dogs we keep at our home. To be a good breeder of quality dogs, however, we need to keep, evaluate, and add quality bloodlines to our breeding program.

 A Goldendoodle needs to be a part of the family to develop their full potential.  That is why we have a guardian dog program.  

We are giving the dog to the guardian family to raise and love and keep as a member of their family.  This program allows local families an opportunity to own one of the best Goldendoodles available without paying for it. The family must be approved as guardian parents and agree to abide by our contract of care.

The guardian home program is an excellent deal for the dog, it's a good deal for the guardian parents, and it's a good deal for producing an exceptional Goldendoodle Breeding program.  It's one of those "win - win" situations for everyone involved.  The family receives a quality, top pick dog for their forever pet.  I am able to improve the breed by using only the best for bettering the breed.  And the reason we instigated our guardian program, the dog lives in a home as a spoiled pet and gets lots of attention.                                      

Our breeding dogs  are very much a part of our lives and although they have a particular job to do, first and foremost, they need a loving home and family to be part of.  

 Guardian homes allow the breeding dog to be placed with their forever family from the age of 8 weeks old. We also pay for all health testing for the dog prior to breeding. When we have a female dog to place,  she will stay for approx. 6-7 weeks to whelp and wean her puppies. After she is done with her breeding career we pay to spay her and she’s yours forever.

 When we have a male dog to place, we just need access to the boy whenever he is needed for a ‘date’ with one of his ‘girlfriends’. When his breeding career is over, we pay to neuter him at the end of his breeding time. Our male guardian dogs have a longer breeding career than females but are only needed for a few hours to a few days at a time depending on your location to the female he is breeding. We pay to de-sex the dog when the breeding career is over. The cost of the dog is ’free’, for the guardian family.

Guardian homes are responsible for:

Breeder approved monthly flea/tic & heart-guard preventatives.  Breeder approved high quality dog food. ​Provide yearly veterinary  routine vaccinations .  Grooming every 3 months,  just as you would a dog you purchased, as this is your dog, but we retain breeding rights. 

We do ask that female dogs come stay with us when your on yearly vacations.  So she’s familiar with us and is content and not stressed during her time with us whelping puppies. We want her to be familiar with our family and doodles. We would like a similar schedule with our males so they’re familiar with us and their ‘girlfriends’.

Requirements for Guardian Homes:

-A fenced yard
-We PREFER a  "stay at home parent’" or one who works only part time.
-Live less than 90 miles from our home here in Ludington.
-Can provide routine professional grooming every 3 months.
-Flexibility when we need access to the dog for "dates".
-Agree not to breed this dog.
-Provide an approved excellent high premium dog food. 

-Prior experience dog ownership is a must!!!!!

-Be willing to crate and house train the puppy. 

-Provide approved monthly flea & tic/heart guard medicine

​-Provide yearly veterinary routine vaccinations after the first year of the puppies    life.  

-Be available to drive dog to and from our home for breeding and whelping

-Keep us updated on the dog’s progress/pictures  via email 

If you’re interested in working with us as a guardian family to one of our doodles please send us an email  shameljennifer@gmail.com  or call at 989-621-4882.